Boost your productivity!

We all lose focus from time to time, but here are 3 simple ways to curb it and get back on track to be more productive!


List it:


Why do lists help? Lists assist us so our brains don’t have to remember everything! That frees up space for us to think more creatively and focus on the present moment. If you are feeling overwhelmed, write a list of your tasks- this will help you feel in control and less stressed.


Monitor your distractions:


Do contract distractions make you lose focus throughout the day? You know what you have to do as a priority, but that email that just arrived into your inbox REALLY needs to be read now…doesn’t it? The first step in tackling distractions is to be aware that you are being distracted. Notice when you switch to check emails, notice when you browse the internet for no reason at all. How long do you get distracted for? Is it always the same time of day? How does it make you feel? Make a note of what you “notice” and try changing one thing about your behavior so you begin to take control of your distractions.


The feeling of focus:


Remind yourself how good it feels to be focused on the task at hand. Turn off your distractions (if you can) and sit down and focus on something that really needs your attention. If you feel distracted, take 5 minutes to have a walk and then return to your task.


One massive benefit to being focused is your productivity- and everyone loves that!


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