Cayman is growing and going green!

Cayman is expanding and going green!


Cayman is moving towards a more green and contemporary style with their rush of construction projects being undertaken at the moment.


Local architects and designers are building more ‘green’ by creating unique looks that are also environmentally friendly.


A new retail development at 72 North Church Street exemplifies this philosophy byArchitect Robert Johnson. The building boasts floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall Dade County-rated glass storefronts, which filter out ultraviolet rays and are the clearest glass on the market. The property is heavily insulated to bring down cooling costs and uses highly efficient 21 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration air conditioning systems.


Additionally, Camana bay is expanding! Camana Bay is a community that has everything you need to live, work, and play within easy walking distance, from shops, restaurants, office buildings, sports facilities, and a school to residential neighbourhoods, public parks, gardens, and courtyards.


DART have revealed a US$1.3 billion development upgrade for the town, over the next 10-15 years. The next step of the development is to connect the Town Centre to Seven Mile Beach which will bring a beautiful 5 star hotel and another $300 million investment to Camana Bay.


As well as that, it was also disclosed this month that Cayman is looking to expand their airport so it will more than double in size, and take on twice as many passengers it usually handles.


The new $55 million airport will be in operation all the way through construction phases, which is already 30% complete. The completed airporte should be ready within the first half of 2018!


There are lots of exciting developments occurring in Cayman…a clear sign of the strong and successful market we are currently experiencing.