Decrease your stress in the office

We can all get a little stressed at work from time to time, but how is it best to deal with it?


Well we all have our little strategies and if you do, great! But if you don’t and you are struggling with dealing with every day stress then take a look at some helpful hints below and be on the road to a more calm and well planned working day…


1.     Have a Photo Of The Happiest Time In Your Life- I love this idea and have photos on my desk of my parents, as well as one of my happiest times in my travels. Just looking at these photos can relax me and make me smile. Use the happy times to control the more stressful times in the office.


2.     Get Outside- Everyone knows that getting out of the office to stretch your legs and getting some fresh air is good for you. Set aside some time each day to leave your desk and have some me time. Listen to some of your favourite music while walking and enjoying the scenery. It’s amazing what it can do for your attitude and productivity throughout the day.


3.     Schedule Enough Time to Go From One Meeting To Another- This one speaks for itself, ensure that all of your meetings have enough time in between to get there without added stress.


4.     Plan Your Day- Sounds simple but it is one that often people forget. You know how to work most effectively, so if you plan your day correctly you are in control. By scheduling your time, you can ensure you have enough time for a break, to relax and prioritize.


5.     Limit the Amount of Time Spent Dealing With Emails- Technology can rule our lives and can easily increase our stress levels. Try to limit the amount of time you are responding to emails, most issues can be dealt with in an easy 2 minute phone call.


I hope these top 5 tricks help you to de-stress and become more focused and productive at work!