Employee retention. Have you heard of it?

Some companies have not heard of employee retention and after all the time and money they spend on recruiting talent, they do very little to retain their talented employees.  Here are some ways to avoid that talent walking out the door:

Training – investing in training will enable your employees to learn new skills and have them aspiring to do more and they will want to grow and develop within your organisation.  If you do not invest in training, your employees will be looking elsewhere for these opportunities.

Cross training – allowing employees to expand their capabilities and learn about different areas of the business will give them new and exciting experiences and will help keep them fresh and engaged in the your company.

Micro-managing – don’t do it! By watching your employees and ensuring they are on time – down to the minute, and constantly checking on them to see if they are abusing social media or getting them into trouble for socialising too much will do little to creating a dynamic and fun place to work.  Employees need to be measured by their actual output – productivity is key!

Company values – Are your employees living up to your organisations missions and values?  This is a great way to help keep them motivated rather than give them the impression that their work is all about boosting profits.

Celebrating – make your employees feel special, celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and any other significant event in their lives.

Flexi-time – Allow your employees the benefit of a flexible working scheduled.  Everyone has important deadlines to meet, both professionally and personally, so allowing flexible working will help alleviate stress so your employees can ensure that all their responsibilities are taken care of.

There are many more options to consider, please take the time to think how you can retain the talent within your organisation as your employees are your most valuable asset.