Good Posture Makes You More Confident

Want to have more confidence, increased motivation, lower stress and the ability to basically rule the world? Sit up straight.

Research suggests that when we exercise proper posture, we tend to have a little more self-esteem and believe in our own assets more than when we’re slouching. We’ve all fallen victim to that afternoon slump, check how you’re sitting before you decide to make another cup of coffee. A little stretch and adjustment to your posture may help give you the stamina boost you so desperately need when 3 p.m. rolls around.

Next time you have a big interview, square those shoulders and kick your worries to the curb. Participants who weren’t slouching reported lower feelings of fear and more positive emotions. Good posture opens your chest cavity and allows more oxygen to enter the body and brain, contributing to that energy boost. Plus, more oxygen = better breathing, which is your body’s natural way of keeping you relaxed.

Striking a power pose can be as simple as placing yourself in good posture. Keep your head up, shoulders back, chin parallel to the floor, and leave your arms down by your side. Look people right in the eye and distribute the weight evenly on your feet.

Your posture is a small thing that can make an enormous difference for your overall health!