How long do you have to make a good first impression?

A recent article on UK-based website Mail Online, states that “the average boss looks at a curriculum vitae for just three minutes while one in five make a decision on a candidate after perusing it for under a minute.”

With timescales being tight and competition being rife, how can you make those 1-3 minutes count? The answer: make no mistakes!

In an age where technology does so much for you, there is absolutely no excuse to have any spelling or grammar mistakes on your resume. Attention to detail is an attractive trait in any potential candidate, and those that have ignored the red line underneath their typo, are not creating the best first impression.

In addition to spelling and grammar, it is key to be conscious of remembering the length of your resume. If the Hiring Manager cannot read the resume in 3 minutes simply because it is 9 pages long, the chances of you securing an interview will be drastically reduced. Ideally keep the document to 2 pages, 3 at a maximum. This will ensure that you are being concise with the summary of your experience, and will allow the individual reviewing the resume to get an immediate impression of your experience, without having to sift through a novel-style document to do so.

Tip number 3 for ensuring you make a good impression is to be mindful of the hobbies you list. Being an active member of a sports team or a local voluntary organization is both relevant and impressive. Singing in the shower and partying on Friday nights is neither appropriate nor suitable for a resume.

Remember that you are in control of your resume and it is the tool that you can use to make the best first impression possible.

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