How to handle stress

There are lots of ways in which we can handle stress; my two things – Yoga & Art. (When one of those becomes stressful, which is not often, I’ll look to the other one) Unfortunately, in the middle of work, when something becomes overwhelming and stressful, I can’t just pick up a paintbrush.

My colleague recently shared an article; “12 Business Leaders on How They Handle Stress” written by Ashley Lee for Fortune and a few pointers really resonated with me.

#3 Take a break. – Every now and then, or often, it’s good to take a break. Take 5 minutes, make yourself a coffee, go for a quick walk. Clearing your head can help.

#8 Remember what really matters. – Think about the bigger picture; at the end of the day, there are more important things.

#10 Plan ahead. – Being organized always helps me feel less stressed. If I have a plan for the day; I find I get things done, feel less stressed and accomplished.

And obviously for me #6 is my go to; Sweat it out! When you exercise, or do yoga in my case, “happy” endorphins are released so this reduces stress.

Hopefully these little tips from some of the top business people will help; don’t let stress get you down!