How to Kickstart Your Week

We’ve all had that Sunday night feeling….the anxious wait for Monday to come round and the start of another week. But how can you overcome this and start really enjoying your Sunday nights and Monday mornings? Here are a few pointers that may help:


1) Make a quick list on Sunday night of what you want to achieve during the week ahead. Imagine a week ahead full of opportunities and how you will make the most of them.


2) Get to bed a little earlier on Sunday night if you can, as you’ve probably had a busy weekend and will need some extra rest.


3) Set your alarm to go off earlier on a Monday. Use the time to do some light exercise or maybe go for a ten minute walk. This will help to clear your head and set you up for the day ahead.


4) Be mindful. If you find your thoughts wandering or becoming negative, bring them back to focus on the goals you have set yourself for the day and the week.


5) Don’t focus on how far away the weekend is. Wishing the week away will inevitably make it feel longer!


6) Do the task you are worrying about the most as soon as you get in to work. This means it’s out of the way and you can concentrate on some more enjoyable tasks!


7) Plan something nice to do on Monday evening, whether it’s cooking your favourite meal or going to see a movie, start planning fun things to do early in the week instead of keeping them all for the weekends.


Have a great week!