Interview coming up? Be prepared for something unstructured

Have you got an important interview coming up and you’re trying to prepare? It’s important to be aware that interviewers are leaning more and more towards unstructured job interviews…


Here are some quick tips on how to be prepared for a more unconventional interview:


Get a feel for the interviewers personality

Did you know that research has suggested that people employ people that they feel they could be friends with? Try to connect with your interviewer by researching their background (LinkedIn is great for this) and see if you have any similarities with their background, interests or studies. Utilize this information during your meeting, but ensure you do this appropriately.


Don’t be fooled by the conversational approach!

Remember you are in a job interview situation so it’s important to stay professional and have relevant answers


Be prepared to lead the interview

Sometimes the interviewer won’t be fully prepared (it happens!) for the interview so you this is a great chance to showcase your experience in a positive light. Perhaps lead in asking the interviewer to described the most important aspects of the role and get started from there. Remember, don’t be overwhelming and provide some breaks in your discussion to allow the interviewer time to reply with a question. An advantage of an unstructured interview is that you can lead the interview in the direction that you feel pinpoints how you can improve the organization.


Prove That You Can Hit the Ground Running!

Outline how you would integrate into the role to give them a visualization. This is a powerful tool that could give you the edge.


An unstructured interview may be off-putting to think about but it can be an excellent way to showcase your skillset in a conversational approach. Let the direction lead you to showcasing your skillset! Happy interviewing!


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