Interview Tips: Before, During & After

After successfully mastering cover letters, resumes, and job applications, it’s time to understand how to succeed in a job interview so that you are closer to your goal of obtaining a job offer.



·         Research the company;

o   The more you know about the company, the more you can relate during the conversation

o   This will show the employer that you were thorough in your preparation and took the time to learn about them

o   It also shows that you care about your next choice of employment, to ensure that it will be the best fit for you


·         Prepare for the “what is your biggest weakness” question;

o   The one question which every interviewee hesitates on answering, but the one question that every interviewer will always ask

o   It’s not about admitting your weaknesses, it’s about showing how you overcome them

o   Discuss the progress you have made and the system you have put in place to strengthen your weakness



·         Answer questions with detail and stories:

o   Many candidates have amazing experiences, but happen to forget them when they’re on the spot – this causes them to give very short, straight to the point answers without much detail

o   Take a moment to think of the question being asked, and answer with a story – describe the situation, explain what you did to solve a problem, and share what happened or changed afterwards


·         Ask Questions:

o   This will show the client that you are actually interested in what their company has to offer and how it will help you grow and develop

o   Questions such as:

  • Are there companywide Corporate Social Responsibility events that I could take part in? (Explain your interest and show that you are eager to give back)
  • What type of professional growth and development opportunities are offered?



·         Send a personalized thank you e-mail:

o   This is an opportunity to show your gratitude to the employer for taking the time out of their day to meet with you

o   Focus on specific topics that were discussed during the interview, including what you learned about the company and why you are interested in working with them

o   The e-mail should be sent within 24 hours of completing the interview


Succeeding in job interviews takes research, practice and persistence. Remember, you are there because the employer wanted you there. Take advantage of the time that they have set out to meet with you.


“Talent will get you in the door, but character will keep you in the room”