Making time for your self boosts productivity

When you think of boosting productivity, factors such as improving sleep, exercise and eating habits are probably amongst the first to come to mind, however many career minded people are now realizing that making time for ‘me-time’ or for solitude is also vital to maintaining optimum productivity.

So what is ‘Me- Time”? It is “time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.”

Although you may initially perceive this concept as counter-productive, the effects are just the opposite, you will feel revitalized and better able to meet the challenges of your work day. Benefits include not only increased concentration and productivity but also increased creativity, better problem solving and decision making and even improved inter-personal relationships.

The first step in planning your me-time is to put yourself on your schedule, make a regular  appointment for your alone time and keep it, otherwise it will keep getting shunted to the bottom of your to do list.  Make a point to disconnect during this time, lock the door, turn off your phone and leave the tablet at home!

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Eat your lunch in the park or at the beach, let the songs of the bird song or sound of the waves soothe you.

Takea bubble bath, steam bath etc. while listening to your favourite music, while reading your favourite book or magazine.

Treat yourself to some time at the spa, alone.

Go for a massage.

Go to the movies by yourself and treat yourself to a meal or glass of wine after.

Go on a photo walk, taking pictures of whatever interests you, you can even use a theme. Let your creative juices flow and remember, don’t answer your phone.

Pursue something creative, this can be something simple like a lovely paint by number picture that you can hang on your wall when you are done.

Spend a few hours at the beach, relax, nap or just read a book. Or try a new watersport, learn to Jet Ski or Paddle Board.

Go to the park – take a blanket and some nibbles and relax under a shady tree. Try your hand at sketching or start a journal or perhaps do some cross word puzzles.

Take a few days off and take a trip, explore or just indulge in retail therapy and room service.

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