Mental Health Mindset

Mental Health Mindset

In thinking about what to write today, a lot of topics came to mind, and a lot of recruitment topics to keep things relevant with our business, however then I got to thinking about the one thing that keeps us going, keeps us pushing ahead and gets us up out of bed every morning…. the quality of our mental health.

I know that I need to keep my mental health healthy in order to do normal and ordinary tasks – getting up, getting dressed, being a good mum to my kids, getting to work on time, doing good quality work, eating healthily, exercising and sleeping.

Not every day is the same, some days are harder than others, some days I don’t want to do it again.  In these times of COVID where many other countries and people have it so much harder than we do, I still find difficulty in not really having anything to look forward to, no trips booked and no clue when I’ll be able to travel or see my family again.  So, I have to find excitement in other ways, mainly through other people’s experiences, dinners out with my friends, retail therapy and of course my husband and children.  I marvel in how quickly my kids are developing, they literally learnt how to rollerblade in a day!

The quality of our mental health affects how we think, feel and act, as well as how we handle stress and all other factors in our lives. What works for me, is focusing on what is important and trying not to think too hard about the things I can’t control.  For those who know me, exercise is a big part of my life and I try and fit that into my daily schedule even when it’s the last thing I feel like doing, as I always feel better after working out.

Some other ways you can improve your mental health is, by talking things through with a friend/colleague or family member, eating well, drinking enough water, taking time to breathe and getting a good night’s sleep, asking for help and not adding too much to your plate.  Positive, happy thinking does wonders to your mood and being kind to others is beneficial to you and you may just change their day for the better.

Although this post is not about the dos and don’ts of recruitment, I hope this will encourage you to focus on what is important and to look after yourself and be understanding of others.