More hurricane prep – Shelters, Pet Care and more..

Following on from our previous blog on the importance of hurricane preparedness, here is some additional information on weathering the season starting with a list of the shelters in the most populated districts of George Town and West Bay.  Keep in mind that pets are not allowed and separate plans will need to be made for their safety. In addition, not all shelters may be opened at the same time depending on the severity of the storm.

George Town

  • Cayman Further Education Centre – Assembly Hall (Formerly John Gray High School)
  • John Gray High School Multipurpose Hall (Formerly George Hicks High School)
  • George Town Primary School Assembly Hall
  • University College of the Cayman Islands Hall
  • Red Cross Building
  • Prospect Primary School (EMC)

West Bay

  • John A. Cumber Primary School Assembly Hall (EMC)
  • John Gray Memorial Church Hall
  • John A. Cumber Primary School (Part Classrooms)

For the complete list of the 16 shelters and 7 medical emergency centers on our three islands, including a list of supplies you should bring with you to the shelter click on the following link.

For information on preparing a grab bag, securing your home and pets, laying in food supplies and preparing for the aftermath of a hurricane download the ‘Cayman Prepared Booklet’ here: