Office Holiday Party Themes of 2015

It’s that time of year again.  It’s the holiday season and that means the 4 F’s; family, festivities, food and fun!

It also means that the office holiday party is around the corner.  This tradition has evolved over the years and there have been some pretty outrageous, unique and downright weird themes throughout the years.

Here are the top 5 trends for the Office Holiday party in 2015:

  1. The Christmas Movie Theme:The most popular if these being “A Christmas Story” and “Christmas Vacation”.  These movies have some hilarious and memorable moments and have become cult classics.  People simply love to relive them over and over again.  Imagine the whole venue decked out in 1940’s Christmas décor, or perhaps a throw- back to the 80’s with egg nog in moose mugs and hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights strung up everywhere.
  2. The Masquerade Ball (with a  twist)People get quite scared when faced with this theme.  Where are you ever going to find an embellished and rather puffy dress and matching mask?  This year some companies are leaving the details up to the employees.  Arrive as a masked superhero, create your own masked character, or pull out all the stops and be one with the Masquerade era.   Some companies will go as far as providing the masks to make things easier.
  3. A White ChristmasCompanies are embracing the white party theme.  White linens with brightly colored accents.  Snowflakes and glitter abound.  Snow Man martinis, Icy Pina Coladas and other frosty themed food and drinks.  All you have to do is dress in white.  This makes for a fun and interesting evening and is very popular in hot climates.
  4. The Christmas CircusThis is a party theme that required muchos $$$.  Imagine arriving to a classic circus tent and inside is a Christmas themed circus extravaganza. High flyers and acrobats above you.  Contortionists serving you food and drinks and Jugglers all around.  No strict dress code required for this one and no colors are off limits.  Oversized top hats encouraged.
  5. The Vegas ChristmasWhat happens at the Christmas party stays at the Christmas party.  This popular and ever growing theme features a full on casino for people to enjoy a little risk taking with their festivities.  Most companies aren’y jumping at the chance to ontain a gaming license so  will either provide you with fake money or make it a charitable event.  The dress code is high roller and lady luck so dress to impress.

    Be safe and enjoy the wonder that is