A Plea To All My Fellow Desk Jockeys

In recent months I’ve found myself plagued with hip and sciatica pain. Jokingly, I started chalking it up to my ripe old age of 33, but as the pain got to be more chronic, I had no choice but to reach out to medical professionals and my coach at the gym (@crossfit7mile)

I had received lots of treatment and coaching, varying from different sources, and there is one thing that both my coach and chiropractor could agree on. I’m a typical high-heel wearing, desk jockey.

It’s been a slow road to recovery, and I’ve constantly had to work on my posture and stretching throughout the day.

So here is my advice to all my fellow desk jockeys out there, be proactive and not reactive like me!

This is a great link to 7 simple stretches that we should be doing every day in between our countless emails, cups of coffee and witty colleague banter:


Here are a few katie-isms that I’ve learned along the way:

1. Heels: if you’re anything like me, you’ll be buried in my favourite high heels. This was easily the hardest thing for me to give up (at least wearing them all day long). While a cute flat pair of shoes, just isn’t the same, the 70-year old you will thank you.

2. Leg Crossings: I’m again going to pick on the ladies, but crossing your legs and sitting in that position for the majority of your day throws your hip balance off, could cause varicose veins, could raise your blood pressure and puts pressure on the nerve behind your knee, which supplies sensation to the lower legs and feet.

3. Water: Drink it. And when you think you’ve drank enough, drink a liter more.

4. Fascia: Learn what it is and why you need to stretch. It’s basically the meshing the holds all your muscles together (this in layman’s terms, by the way). I had no idea what is was before all this, and turns out, it’s important!

5. Big Giant Ball: I’m lucky enough to a have a boss who recognized that a chair was doing me no good! Plead with your managers or HR Staff and get a big ball in your office to sit on for at least an hour a day. It helps your back posture, eases the pressure on your hips and is just plain fun to bounce on. I actually found that I’m more productive as well! Something about the bouncing making you feel more energetic!

6. Weak Core and Glutes: As if I didn’t know already, but my abs and glutes simply aren’t strong enough! Planks and Raised Glute Bridges are the way forward and if you don’t know what they are, a good Youtube video is all you need!

Take care desk jockeys! And remember happy back, happy life!