Surviving Covid 19 Thumb

Surviving Covid-19 as a Soon-to-be-Mom

I am a 38-year-old woman, 7 months pregnant with my second son; my second go at childbearing is certainly one I could have never predicted! My husband and I could not have chosen worst timing to procreate; we often waver between feelings of anxiety about my high risk pregnancy due to my age, further complicated by the pandemic, and feelings of gratitude that our country seems to have been spared from widespread death and sickness due to Covid-19.

Being pregnant and bringing a child into the world is a blessing, and my heart is full thinking about the new chapter our family of three is starting. But I can’t help worrying about the unknown and what the other side of the pandemic will look like. I currently feel like I’m stuck in a bubble, isolated from friends and family; I know this is the way it will be for a while as protecting my unborn child and my son from this plague is my first priority, and even though gone are our 10th wedding anniversary celebration plans, gone are the baby shower plans, gone are our annual summer vacation plans. We have our health, and we have a source of income, so I really try not to let the things we can’t control in this situation get me down, but sometimes all of this is truly too overwhelming to think about.

I am sure there are other moms out there who feel the same, as we push through every single day, juggling working remotely, home schooling and entertaining our children, cooking, cleaning and managing the household. So, to all you moms out there- it is ok to cry, scream, and not be perfect…. just don’t give up. We may be in different shoes, and walking different paths of life, but we really are all in this together❤️

Written by Theresa Drummonds