Taking care of yourself in the work place

We are halfway through the first month of a brand New Year and hopefully everyone’s resolutions are still in full swing.  Getting healthy and fit is usually right up there at the top of the list of things to improve on, making it a very popular resolution choice.  As with all areas in life, we could all do with a bit more self improvement here and there and for the people who work in an office and in front of a computer screen all day, taking better care of our posture and focusing on eye health should be as a top priority as going to the gym or eating more fruit and vegetables! Back pain is no laughing matter, so read on for some tips on how to improve your posture at work.


Support your back by adjusting your chair so that your lower back properly supported. 

Adjust your chair so that you are able to use the keyboard with your wrist and forearms are straight and level with the floor.

Place your screen at eye level so that the screen is directly in front of you.

Keep your mouse as close to you as possible.

Avoid screen reflection by making it as glare free as possible. Identify the cause of any glare by holding a mirror in front of your screen.


Looking after your eyes is also crucial; after all, you only get one pair! Looking at a computer screen for countless hours a day can take its toll, so it is vital to take steps towards boosting your eye care health.  Headaches, gritty tired eyes and fatigue can all be caused by the strain we put on our eyes during the working day. Try to take regular five minute breaks during your day, hourly if possible, just to give your eyes time to relax. Apply eye drops if they start feeling dry to alleviate any grittiness, and get annual eye checks with your doctor to make sure that you are wearing the correct lenses (if a glasses or contacts wearer) and lastly,  take your vitamins that can help boost your eye health in times of need.


This article was inspired by the following websites. Please click on the links for a more in-depth look into better posture and eye care in the work place.