Top tips for successful employee recruiting

For the best possible people who can fit within your culture and contribute within your organisation is a challenge and an opportunity.  Keeping the best people, once you find them, is easy if you do the right things right.

These specific actions will help you with recruiting and retaining all the talent you need.  Here are some top tips for better recruiting.

1)    Improve your candidate pool when recruiting employees

·         Invest time in developing relationships with recruiters and reputable recruitment agencies

·         Use professional association websites and magazines to advertise for professional staff.

2)    Hire the sure thing when recruiting employees

·         Give potential candidates an interview, to get to know them better

·         Make sure you conduct reference/background checks.

3)    Be known as a great employer

·         You want your employees bragging that your organisation is a great place to work, people will believe the employees before they believe the   corporate literature.

4)    Involve your employees in the hiring process

·         Your employees can recommend excellent candidates to your firm

·         They can assist you to review resumes and qualifications of potential candidates

·         They can help you interview people to assess their potential ‘fit’ within your company.

5)    Pay better than your competition

·         You get what you pay for in the job market. Survey your local job market – you want to pay better than average to attract and keep the best candidates.

6)    Use your benefits to your advantage in recruiting employees

·         Keep your benefits above industry standard and add new benefits as you can afford them. 

·         Also educate employees about the cost and value of their benefits so they appreciate how well you are looking out for their needs.

7)    Hire the smartest person you can find

·         If you are looking for someone who will work well with people, you will need to hire an individual who has the talent of working well with people. You are unlikely to train the missing talents into the person later.

·         Hire for strengths, don’t expect to develop weak areas of performance, habits and talents. Build on what is great about your new employee in the first place.

8)    Use your website for recruiting

·         Your website portrays your vision, mission, values, goals and products. It is also effective for recruiting employees who experience a resonance with what you state on your site.

·         Create an employment section which describes your available positions and contains information about you and why an interested person might want to contact your company.

9)    Check references when recruiting employees

·         You need to assure that the people you hire can do the job, contribute towards your growth and development and have no past transgressions which might endanger your current workforce.

These ideas can help your organisation succeed and grow, they create a workplace that will meet both your needs and the needs of your potential and current employees.

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