Why Smart Companies Create Trainee Programs

Why Smart Companies Create Trainee Programs

In today’s candidate-driven market, there is a high demand for experienced professionals in all sectors, and this is especially true in Cayman.  Recently, I have noticed an increasingly high demand for corporate administrative professionals with Cayman-specific experience.  While this demand grows with each passing day, I believe it’s time for companies to consider this long-term solution: creating a trainee program!

As a Recruiter, I speak with a lot of junior-level candidates who are eager to take more on in the workplace and be given the chance to grow. I’ve heard candidates say that they aren’t given the opportunity to show what they’re capable of, and this makes them feel replaceable and unimportant.  By creating a trainee program, your current employees can have the opportunity to develop skills or competencies that you are looking for in other openings, while remaining loyal to your company. Are you finding it difficult to find someone with ViewPoint or CORIS experience, for example? Internal trainings might be the key!

Trainee programs also gives companies a way to ‘test-drive’ the talent. A trainee program can help you see who would excel in higher level roles and which of your employees are ready to be promoted.

So, you’ve decided you’d like to create a trainee program. What’s next?

  1. Assess the areas you are struggling to hire for and any other development needs. When you can clearly see where there are knowledge gaps, you can begin building a trainee program to tackle them.
  2. Decide how to deliver your trainee program. Does it make sense to have face-to-face trainings? Do you have the capacity to create a digital webinar? Figure out what makes sense for your organization.
  3. Set targets for your trainee program. If you take the time and effort to create a program for your employees, it is important to make sure you can measure its success.
  4. Communicate your trainee program to the team and promote the goals you plan on reaching. Employees need to understand the benefits of your trainee program and be motivated to take part.
  5. Evaluate your program’s results. Did your trainee program provide new skills and competencies to current employees? Do your current employees now have experiences that could translate into growth within the organization?

Employee training attracts good employees, increases job satisfaction, and improves engagement. With so many benefits, trainee programs should not be overlooked! Investing in the talent you have will always be well-worth it.