Wish you were a morning person?

Do you wish you were a morning person? I know I do, but I just can’t seem to make it work.


A recent article brings up some great points on how to make early rising a ritual, and it’s not all about willpower:


Change your mindset

Generally, a lot of people tend to resist going to bed as they want to get more done and get more out of the day. Consider your sleep as the beginning of the next day to make it seem like an active activity where your aim is to charge your battery for the adventures of the next day.


Adjust your bedtime

Go to bed earlier! You should know how many hours you operate the best on, so stick with this and work backwards to get your optimal sleep time in and not feel rushed in the morning. This also means adjust other activities around your sleep, for example eating dinner which should occur no less than 2-3 hours before bed.  


Prepare for your morning activity

Prepare for that morning run or activity the night before. Not only will it make it easier for planning in the morning, but it will actively make you think about it before you go to bed thus making you more likely to do it.


Turn off electronics

Do this at least 90 minutes before bed. Pull the plug on electronic activities, such as watching television, checking email or social media. Science says it’s a source of energy and over-stimulates us. Replace it with something relaxing, such as listening to music, drawing, or prepping meals for next day.


Create a pre-bedtime routine

Give yourself peace of mind and time to unwind by creating a calming pre-bedtime routine. For example, dim the lights and stretch, take a walk, read or do the washing. The routine will help you fall asleep quickly and easily.


Happy sleeping (and waking up!)


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