Working offshore – 6 reasons to take the plunge

Ask anyone who has worked internationally about their experience and I can bet they will tell you that it is one of the best things they ever did personally and professionally. Why? 

1. Competitive edge – In a competitive market, what better way to make your resume stand out than to have multi-jurisdictional experience? More than ever employers are looking beyond conventional qualifications. They are looking for that stand-out candidate. They want to see a variety of experience, exposure, flexibility, adaptability.

2. Credibility – Be the first to put your hand up if you work for an international organisation and they seek internal employees to head up the new office. Management will value your flexibility, thus building your credibility. You will be getting the opportunity to help grow a part of the business from the ground up. Isn’t a key part to advancement, making yourself indispensable?

3.  Promotions – Following on from the point above, often spearheading a new office or being part of a new project in an international office for your company will lead you to a promotion. Alternatively, if your skills/expertise are in more demand overseas, the quickest and easiest way to add value will be to go where the demand is.

4. Enrichment – Living and working in another country is one of the most interesting, challenging, exciting decisions you will ever make. Coupled with adapting and experiencing a new culture in a brand-new environment both inside and outside of the working day, can offer you both personal and professional development.

5. Remuneration – It would be a mistake not to mention the financial benefits many of us experience from working in another country. Many offshore jurisdictions offer extremely appealing tax structures, whether tax-neutral like the Cayman Islands or appealing tax structures such as the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. This provides you with not only better earning power but also the ability to save.

6.  Global contacts – One of the most valuable aspects of working in another country is the ability to build an international network and experience an alternative, international business community.

Those are just a few of the many benefits of living/working in another country but it saddens me the amount of people I speak with, who tell me they wish they had taken the plunge years ago but didn’t. Don’t be that person. Go for it. Just do your research and speak to as many people as you can so you know what to expect. It will pay off!

Chelsea Flynn, Recruitment Manager