Humor in the Office

If “The Office” show has taught us one thing, it’s that workplace humor is an important thread in the patchwork quilt we call the workplace environment.


Dwight Eisenhower said “A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.”

Michael Kerr said “In workplaces that encourage people to be themselves–that are less hierarchical and more innovative–people tend to be more open with their humor.  Even people who aren’t always comfortable sharing their humor tend to do so in more relaxed environments where the use of humor becomes second nature with everyone’s style.”

Here are the top 10 reasons why humor in the office is a good thing:


  1. #1People will enjoy working with you: You spend huge amounts of your waking hours at work, so you don’t want it to be a death match. Humor is a great way to win friends and influence people.
  2. #2 Humor is a stress buster: Humor offers a cognitive shift in how you view your stressors, an emotional response; and a physical response that relaxes you when you laugh.
  3. #3 It is humanizing: Humor allows both employees and managers to come together, realizing that we all seek common ground.
  4. #4 It puts others at ease: Humor is a way to break through the tension barrier.
  5. #5 Ha + ha = aha!: Humor is a key ingredient in creative thinking. It helps people play with ideas, go easier on themselves, and see things in new ways.  Humor and creativity are both about looking at your challenges in new ways and about making new connections you’ve never thought about before.
  6. #6 It helps build trust.  You can build trust with the effective use of humor because humor often reveals the real person lurking under the professional mask.  People who share a healthy, positive sense of humor tend be more likable and are viewed as being more trustworthy.
  7. #7 Humor is also viewed as sign of intelligence
  8. #8 It boosts morale: Humor boosts morale because staff look forward to coming to work.  Employees like to work for and with others who have a sense of humor. We all prefer to have fun at work. It should not feel painful all day.
  9. #9 People who use humor tend to be more approachable: The more approachable you are, especially as a leader, the more honest and open people around you will be.  And the more honest and open people tend to be, the more successful and innovative teams tend to be.
  10. #10 It’s just better to laugh!