Recruitment is key to success; so are your existing staff

During times of expansion, restructuring and general movement within a business, it is easy, perhaps even correct, to focus on nothing but the excitement of building your staff, increasing your numbers, always looking to the next hire. But here lies the problem – in concentrating so heavily on what is to come, there can be a danger of forgetting what is already there.

Employee retention is a notion that cannot go unnoticed. To become and remain attractive to the new staff you are so excited about, you need to have a reputation for low turnover, a happy workplace and individuals who want to stay long-term. You need your staff to speak highly of the organization and encourage others to join.

So how can this be achieved? On the simplest level – be nice to your staff. Tell them they are doing well, encourage them with projects, assist them if they are struggling with a certain task, offer advice and support when needed. Think about staff benefits, staff incentives and before you know it yours will be the company that is thought of as the ‘employer of choice’ and the empire can grow.