Top 3 things that Locals love to do on a Sunday!

As a local, anyone could guess what a ritual Sunday is like, you’ve got three options that nearly everyone takes part of.


Firstly, we have a boat trip to Stingray City- getting there takes roughly 15-20 minutes by boat or any watercraft and this is a hot spot for many locals and tourists to go to feed and swim with the stingray’s. It is a great opportunity that not many get to experience.    


Secondly, we have the relaxing Rum Point-  what we local’s ideally do after we have had enough hanging out with the Stingray’s, we simply just go back on the boat or wave runner and take the short journey to Rum Point (5-8 minutes). Alternatively, you can always drive to Rum Point which depending where you are located on the island it can take about 30 minute from the Capital, George Town. Again, this is another hot spot for many locals and tourists especially after a quick visit from Stingray City. This is where we would spend the whole day until sunset and ride/drive back home.


Thirdly, just a simple day at the beach, any beach at that! Be it along the world famous 7 mile beach or any of the charming little secluded areas of the main road along the sea side. Just pick a spot in the sand and just enjoy the beautiful scenery, the relaxing sound of the waves crashing in and soaking up the island sunrays. 


I can guarantee you that if you can ask any local – this would be a ritual Sunday for them!