Top New Year’s Resolutions – For the Office

It’s that time of year, yet again.  Time to make those New Year’s resolutions.  This year throw in some career goals to round out your list.  Here are some of the top NYRs to boost your career for 2016.

#1 Get a Raise or Promotion

If you think you are in line for a promotion or are way overdue for a pay raise the go ahead and throw that on the top of your list.  BUT, if you get realistic with yourself and know that you are clearly not in the running at the moment, then swap that goal for something more specific that will put you in a better position to make this resolution realistic in the future.  Figure out what is holding you back and work on self-improvement this year.  Develop a new skill, improve performance, or plan to get that certification or degree that will send you straight to the front of the line.

#2 Be More Organized

There’s an app for that!  We live in the digital age and there are endless ways to keep you organized that don’t require much mind power.  From virtual personal assistants and memo apps to full-on organizational software dictation programs. Now you can sit back and blame your phone when it all unravels.

#3 Make a Career Change

This one requires some serious thought and a good honest look in the mirror.  If you feel a career change is just what you need, then go ahead and take the leap.  Make sure however that you are being realistic with yourself.  If you are not qualified for your dream job then do the proper research on the best and fastest ways to get yourself there.  You may need to push your goal date further into the future or shift your goal entirely.

#4 Improve your Health

Yes this is a career resolution. Your health affects you in so many ways, including your performance in the office, whether you choose to make this connection or not.  Take the time every day to do something healthy for your body, mind and soul. Health is the greatest wealth, and without it, all other success seems pointless.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what falls magically into place at work when your health and vitality improves.

#5 Be more involved in your company’s structure

Are you the one who never shows up to the corporate event, charity project or holiday party?  Corporate culture is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world and to a company’s core values.  It is often its own section on a resume.  Going beyond your job description to get involved in your employers culture shows passion, integrity and may just shine a new light on you in your career.  No corporate culture?  Be the pioneer and start initiatives that can easily be put into action at your company.

If you a not a NYR type of person but still have career goals, then simply keep them front and center in your mind for 2016.  Here’s  a great year!