A Friendly Welcome at SteppingStones!

SteppingStones Recruitment Ltd and Evolving Island Group of Companies are delighted to welcome Larissa Montoya-Berry to their growing team. Larissa has taken up the position of receptionist and administrative assistant to the four companies Kariba, Livingstone, Charterland and SteppingStones located at the 3rd floor at Fidelity Financial Center.
Larissa, a young Caymanian, took up her new position just before Christmas and has been learning the ropes over the past few weeks. “I feel really lucky to have secured this job.” said Larissa. “I really like meeting new people so I enjoy working on the reception desk. The people here are lovely and very supportive. I have been learning a lot about the different types of work that each organisation does. Every day is different. I’m involved in helping with people who are looking for employment and I am learning about the new buildings and developments on island and the management of strata’s. It is a very rewarding job and I am really enjoying it.”
“Larissa is enthusiastic, eager to learn and is always smiling and cheerful. This is just what we were looking for in a receptionist, who presents the face of our company.” said Milly Serpell, Managing Director of SteppingStones. “When we met Larissa, we were impressed by her professional approach and dedication, especially in someone so young. She is doing an excellent job especially as she has to juggle the demands of working with four different companies.”
Larissa is keen to take advantage of the unique opportunity of working with very different businesses. Her long-term goal is to run a business of her own and in March, she plans to start studying at ICCI, in order to make this dream a reality. 

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