Certificate in Human Resource Studies

Throughout 2009, the Cayman Island Society of Human Recource Professional (CISHRP) ran a six part programme of seminars to prepare participants to receive a Certificate in Human Resource Studies awarded by the Society. At the end of each seminar, participants were given an exam which they had to pass at  a rate of at least 70 percent in order to be eligible for the certificate.

The organisers said they were pleased to partner with the Department of Employment Relations, Immigration Department, Health Insurance Commission, and the National Pensions Office in bringing these seminars to a reality.

Phil Jackson, President of CISHRP, said this is part of an overall strategy to enhance the knowledge of its members and non-members who are performing HR functions in their organisations.

The programme was geared towards those entering the HR profession, persons who may be new to the Islands working in an HR capacity, and practitioners who may need a refresher on the various local laws that govern the employer.

“As HR professionals, it is vital that we keep ourselves up to date with local legislation and be in compliance with the law,” the organisation said.

SteppingStones is very pleased to announce that Pam Travers was one of the two CISHRP members that was awarded the Certificate in Human Resources Studies.