SteppingStones Does it Right: Rebranding and Relocating in a Recession, July 2009

SteppingStones, Cayman’s recruitment specialists, flexed their muscles this week as they unveiled a revitalized brand identity and announced their office space expansion, relocating to the new Fidelity Financial Centre on West Bay Road. Despite the cautious culture defining today’s slow market, SteppingStones Director Milly Serpell is focused on business-as-usual to ensure continued progress for the thriving recruitment firm. “We’re successful because we have the discipline to do the right thing at the right time. Our brand needed a facelift, so we refreshed it. We needed a bigger office to accommodate our growth, so we moved. It’s part of our no-nonsense approach and our commitment to quality. In the end, clients benefit and we win.”

BB&P Creative Director Simon Barwick, whose design team created the original and the refreshed brand, says, “Many businesses are out there clinging to their pennies and suddenly demonstrating a flight to quality. But SteppingStones gained their competitive edge on day one when they decided to focus on quality. And they deliver it with grace. Reinvigorating the SteppingStones brand was an important next step for them, and in doing so, they demonstrated not only their spirit, but their ability to anticipate changes in the market”, explains Mr. Barwick, adding: “Our design team studied their confident, responsive and candid approach to client service and discovered that these are people you’d really want to do business with. That’s what we captured in the refreshed identity – they’re approachable experts, and, like the new tagline states, they’re ‘your type of people’.”

The refreshed logo and new tagline, “Your type of people”, is stamped across a new suite of press and digital communications, which tell a compelling story of warmth and authority. They display bold and colourful imagery, clean lines and a cheerful, confident energy. The new brand materials will be rolled out in print and online media throughout 2009. The team will be residing in their new office space effective July 1st, 2009. Mr. Barwick adds, “The fact that they actually seized the opportunity to rebrand, relocate and revitalize their business during a recession is commendable.” “We’re thrilled about the beautiful new branding and the great new office space,” says Mrs. Serpell. “And we remain proud of our team’s amazing talent in the art of matching the right candidate with the right employer.”