SteppingStones’ Emma Woodhouse to represent Cayman in the Caribbean Classic 2012

Every year the Caribbean Golf Association, the governing body for amateur golf in the region, organises a tournament called the Caribbean Classic. The event is designed to allow players of all abilities to play against others at the same level as them and so provides an opportunity for completive golf to everyone, not just the elite level. The Caribbean Classic 2012 takes place in May and is being held  at Casa De Campo in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to the general competition there is a specific cup called “The Dessie Henry Trophy”.  Each country can enter a team of 4 lady golfers of varying levels of ability who are over the age of 30. After a qualifying competition held by the Cayman Islands Golf Association, Emma Woodhouse was successful in securing a place on the team representing Cayman.  She is now putting in as much time practicing as she can to prepare and hopefully help the team to victory.