SteppingStones Helps to Prepare the Workforce of Tomorrow at John Gray High School

On Wednesday May 10th, Ciara Aspinall was pleased to provide a presentation to 194 students from John Gray High School.  All students who attended came dressed in professional attire, as they would if they were going to work, and were eager to receive advice on how to better prepare themselves for entering the workforce.

Ciara kicked off the daylong schedule of activities with an hour-long interactive presentation which covered such topics as “Resume Preparation”, “Interview Preparation”, and “How to get ahead at your first day of work.” All of the students appeared to really enjoy and learn from our presentation.

“Thanks a million Ciara for a job well done, it was our pleasure to have you all,” said Patricia Fenton Pearce of John Gray High School.

The staff at SteppingStones were very happy with the feedback and felt that the students were given some valuable tools to help them gain employment in the near future.  “SteppingStones was delighted to have the opportunity to present to the students at John Gray High School on Tuesday morning; it was a pleasure to provide them with advice and guidance on the next steps after their school life.  We received a very warm and positive welcoming from the students who advised that they had learnt a lot from the presentation.  SteppingStones is committed to assisting young Caymanians wherever possible to secure employment, starting with the basics of resume writing and interview preparation,” said Ciara Aspinall.