SteppingStones proudly sponsored the CFA Cayman Islands Society Conference

SteppingStones proudly sponsored the CFA Cayman Islands Society Conference last Thursday at George Town Yacht Club and picked up some excellent tips for potential CFA candidates:


1. Prepare, you should ensure that you dedicate at least 300 hours for each level.

2. Study the LOS – the curriculum is key to how you should prepare and what you should revise.

3. Practice. Practice Practice!

4. Rest – Be sure to get some rest before the examinations.

5. Show up ! 30% of candidates do not show up on exam day.

6. Listen – do not open the book until you are told and stop writing when told (the CFA society holds a mock exam before the exam in same conditions).

7. Watch your time.

8. Stay calm.

9. Answer all the Questions – they are multiple choice so give it a shot “a, b, c”

10. Focus inwardly on the exam day, you will panic if you speak with other candidates during the breaks

The CFA is definitely a worthwhile qualification to obtain when considering a career in finance and investments longer term. It could lead to job opportunities such as Portfolio Manager, Reasearch Analyst, , Chief Executive, Consultant, Risk Manager, Financial Adviser or Banker.  If you can prove that you are actively involved in investment decision making process, this could be a great way to differentiate yourself in such a competitive market. For example, if you have involvement in auditing Funds or fund administration.

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