SteppingStones strengthens Young Parent Services

Young parents who are participating in the Family Resource Centre’s Young Parent Services are currently enjoying some instruction from recruitment and training specialists SteppingStones, whose staff have been donating their time in order to help the participants improve their skills, making them more attractive to employers when they step into the workforce.

Ciara Aspinall, General Manager at SteppingStones Recruitment, said their staff members have looked forward to the six months of training with the young parents.

“At SteppingStones we are committed to finding the right employee for the right employer, so we are delighted to be able to assist young parents who may need to enhance their workplace skills.  This helps them become more attractive prospective employees for businesses operating within today’s highly demanding market,” she said.

Mrs Aspinall said that staff members will be teaching the young parents a number of useful skills that will greatly assist them to find the right job. Topics to be covered include resume and cover letter and email writing, marketing oneself, workplace skills, how to get ahead at work, as well as interview preparation and how to dress for success.

“These are all skills that are crucial for any young person to succeed in their chosen career, whether they are parents or not,” she stated. “Hopefully once these skills are mastered the young parents will find themselves more marketable to potential employers.”

Each of the training sessions is one to two hours long, depending on the size of the class involved.

Mrs Aspinall said she plans to expand the course towards the end of the six months.  “Towards the end of the programme we hope to follow up on the interview tips and conduct some interview role plays, followed by some actual interviews, both at the Family Life Centre and also at our SteppingStones office.  We are hoping those who attend our sessions will get a great deal out of the programme and help set them off on their chosen career path, offering a bright future for them and their families,” said Mrs Aspinall.